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Two of my lovely friends, Hanna and Mari, did this lovely little questionnaire in their blogs and as I thought it was quite nice, I decided to do it myself.

So here we go, a some questions for me !

Minimalist or maximalist outfits?
More on the minimalist side. To be honest, I feel quite uncomfortable if there is too much going on with my outfit.
Feminine or masculine look?
Masculine, definitely. I love an oversized monochrome look - chunky knits, big coats, loafers and crispy white shirts. 
Natural or dyer hair?
Highlights ! I love that beach hair look you get with some blonde highlights, but still keeping it natural and subtle. 
Chloé or Chanel?
Chloé all the way. Having a big crush especially on the Faye and Georgia bags. 
Replanned outfit or throw on and go?
Throw on and go, but when traveling, replanning makes packing and holiday mornings so much easier !
Heels or flats?
Flats, I'm too lazy to wear heels.
Homecooking or a restaurant?
Home cooking, definitely. I like restaurants, but I'd rather make a really nice dinner at home, but go out for some good coffee.
Gym or running?
Gym. Or fitness classes to be more specific. Even though I love that feeling you get after a run, I have too much issues with my left ankle and my calves to enjoy running on a weekly basis.

Behind the camera or in front of it?
Behind, mostly. But I do love being in front of the camera when the photographer gets my vision and the photos turn out like I want them to. 
Paris or New York?
I have a soft spot for both, but I'm going to have to choose Paris as it kind of feels like home after spending my study exchange there. 
Uber or taxi?
Probably Uber, but I don't really use either one of them.
Coffee or tea?
You know me, I love a good cup of coffee. I'm that weirdo who owns three different coffee makers and a few milk foamers... yup. 
Facial moisturizing creams or oils?
Lately I've been all excited about different kind of oils and serums. I'm currently mixing up creams and serums and playing around with my cosmetics to find that perfect combination for my skin.
xoxo Maria

Pictures by Mari


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