Sunnies RayBan
Blazer H&M
T-shirt H&M
Necklace Lucy Williams x Missoma
Trousers Zara
Bag Chloé
Shoes St. Agni


When it's all grey and rainy outside, I love coming back to these photos, this light and this October afternoon. When all around me was golden.

Lately I've had this growing color crush over burgundy. While I'm sat in my kitchen writing this, there's a flower bouquet next to me that basically has the same color palette as this outfit; burgundy, green, white and hint of grey and brown tones. I guess that's my way of getting into autumnal mood, which to me means lighting candles on every occasion I find myself cozying up at home, choosing those fluffy jumpers to wear and making many, many cups of tea. 

Last night I made my way to central London, for a coffee date and a good catch up with a friend of mine. We ordered some desserts for sharing, good coffee and chatted for an hour or two. I was reminded of how important it is to make plans, see your friends and head outside even when it's grey and rainy. November blues are trying to hit me hard, but evenings like these make me feel that autumn can be a good time too, as long as you make time for things and people that bring a smile on your face.

x Maria



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