I think it's always nice to know a little more about people, so that's why I also wanted to fill out these questions, which Coco answered on her blog. I enjoyed doing this, hope you will like this post too ! Something a little different than usually on my blog, but here we go.

3 things I like

good coffee, 20's music, discussing politics

3 things I don't like

cherries, windy days, being late

3 things I did last weekend

took a nap, sang nostalgic songs in the car, work

3 things I'm good at

organizing things, remembering number combinations and birthdays, imitating Russian accent

3 things I'm not good at

patience, going to bed early, being mad for a long time

3 things I want to learn

to play the guitar really well, Italian, how to play tennis

3 things I should do

make a habit out of stretching or yoga, save more money, learn how to use lightroom

3 things I stress about

I don't really stress about stuff. Sometimes a little about money, school/work things or boys.

3 things that make me relaxed

a good workout, listening to music, sauna

3 things I talk about often

home interior, nutrition habits, personal style

3 things I like to wear

big knits, pyjama shorts, pretty lingerie

3 things I don't like to wear

tights, cardigans, maxi dresses

3 things I want to buy

a new camera lense, a velvet sofa, flight tickets

3 things I dream about

a nice home in an old apartment building, endless travel budget, being able to eat all the ice cream I want without getting fat

3 things I'm afraid of

snakes, a life with no progress, losing my loved ones

3 things I'm wishing to happen soon

moving abroad, buying a chloé bag, visiting Paris again

xoxo Maria


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