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I'm a strong believer in finding a good product and sticking to it. There is a certain ease to it, having favorite products, you know how they work and you know that they're just right for your skin.

My makeup routine is quite simple and it always starts with making sure my skin is clean and ready for some bb-cream. Then I add mineral powder and bronzer. The Clinique bronzer is basically the best thing ever ! Then some mascara and lip balm and I'm good to go. If I feel like my make up needs a little bit more I'll put some Lumene illuminizer, it's magic for a tired face.

And that's it ! Ready to roll.

Lately I've also paid more attention to moisturizing my skin. I loooooove aesop creams, they work really well on my skin and feel good. When in need of some extra hydration, I mix the Mádara facial oil with my night cream. I feel like my skin enjoys going to bed with a thicker, well hydrating cream.

My current scent favorite is Byredo Bal d'Afrique - looooove it ! For me scents are important, I always wear parfume - for me it completes an outfit and it makes me feel nice.
A funny thing happened few weeks ago when I was at work. I happened to walk past the same customer a few times and she stopped me just to say that I smell really good and oh how it made me smile. A genuine compliment is powerful and definitely made my day.

Oh and last but not least, Dior nail polish is probably the best nail polish I've ever stumbled across. It dries fast, lasts long and when purchased from the airport it's actually quite affordable !

The products:

Aesop - mandarin facial hydrating cream, camelia nut facial hydrating cream, resurrection aromatique hand cream

Clinique - true bronze pressed powder bronzer

Byredo - Bal d'Afrique eau de parfum, Blanche hand cream

Lumene - BB-cream, invisible illumination instant illuminizer in rosy dawn

Dior - nail lacquer in aventure 551 

Mádara - micellar water, superseed soothing hydration organic facial oil

L'Oréal - volume million lashes feline mascara

xoxo Maria


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