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I'm starting a new blog post series called style wise, where you get to meet my friends who were kind enough to share their style stories with you by answering a few questions about fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Before introducing my friends, I thought I'd share my own thoughts and start the series by answering the questions myself. Here we go..

Who? Maria Dejanova
Age? 23
Location? London

Style wise?

I definitely try to incorporate "quality over quantity" in my style - whether it's clothing, interior or things like tv-series or sweets.

How would you describe your style?

It's a weird combination of masculine minimalism and a cool California beach babe. Or at least that's my vision..

I would even say that my style is quite Scandinavian. I appreciate interesting silhouettes, tend to go rather oversized than very fitted or figure hugging and I think what I wear, should be comfortable and effortless. No one looks good when they are in pain because of high heels or jeans that are too tight.

What are you favourite brands?

Here is a list of a few favorites: Céline, Chloé, &Other Stories, ATP Atelier, Mango, Acne Studios, Totême, JOSEPH, APC Paris and Filippa K.

Do you have style icons?

I do !

And as I love people watching, I often find inspiration from strangers - people doing everyday things while wearing their personal style choices. Whether they are running errands, buying flowers, biking to work or having coffee with friends.

Who are they?

Lucy Williams, Johanna Piispa, Mija Flatau, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney and Hanna Kovanen to name a few.

Where do you get inspiration?

Street style in London is definitely good for getting inspired - especially around one of my favorite areas, Shoreditch.

I'm also a big fan of instagram, it's such an easy place to find inspiring people to follow. But to be honest, having a proper paper magazine in your hands is hard to beat. You'll find me reading Porter magazine, Kinfolk, Cereal magazine and the Finnish ELLE.

Shopping strategy?

I usually know what I want or have an idea what I'm looking for. I try to keep a shopping list, whether it's in my mind, my iphone or a pinterest folder. It helps me stay away from spontanious shopping cravings, which I don't really need.

I don't settle for the second best and sometimes it takes months, even years to find the perfect product.

Sometimes I might want to find something outside of my shopping list. That's when I go for a stroll to for my favorite stores, as they usually represent a style aesthetic I like.

Your favourite/most used outfit?

My Monki jeans and a white t-shirt. Or alternatively combined with a grey knit when the weather requires something more than a t-shirt.

When it comes to accessories, I love my ATP Atelier sandals or &Other Stories Ankle boots together with my Céline trio bag and sunnies.

And you'll probably find me wearing a golden necklace from Lucy Williams X Missoma collection about 90% of the time..

One thing from your current wish list?

A suit. I'm determined of making it my autumn/winter uniform.

Beauty wise?

My make-up and skincare routines are quite simple and rely on products from Lumene, Aesop, Avène and Kiehl's.

Beauty products and skincare is where I definitely think less is more, though lately I've tried to take extra good care of my skin as it's continuously exposed to the dry airplane air. Long story short? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Hair routines?

I tend to let my hair air dry as it's naturally a little wavy and I like that. Also letting it air dry helps my hair stay in better condition. I rely on Balmain salt spray as it makes my hair look like I've been on the beach - a little messy is the way to go for me. Another top product is Swartzkopf got2be hair spray, so good.

When my hair is in need for a little extra love and care, I treat it with Paul Mitchell skinny serum. First of all it has a heavenly scent and it gives my hair that extra hydration boost.

Three products you rely on?

Byredo Bal d'Afrique fragrance - I never leave the house without a parfume on. Blistex lip balm. I carry it always with me as I keep it in my wallet and if for some reason I don't have it, it's a bad day. Mandarin facial hydrating cream by Aesop is just the perfect cream for my skin, definitely a skincare favorite.

Lifestyle wise?

I think mornings set the tone for the whole day. That's why I try to stop and enjoy a good breakfast, everyday. Even if I have a 5am wake up !

Whether it's doing the groceries with your favorite music playing from your headphones, taking a bubble bath in the middle of the week or walking somewhere instead of taking the bus I'm determined to be focused on the good things in life - everyday life that is.

And what I've learned - life is short, book the flights.

Travel destination you would recommend? Why?

Oh my. This is a hard one !

I think Paris has a special place in my heart - but stay away from the most touristy spots and make sure you wander around the little streets and alleyways. That's where the real magic is. And stop for a coffee break in Ob-La-Di.

Ever since I visited California when I was fifteen, I've been longing to go back. That place just has something, a good vibe that I can't really explain. Personally I can't wait to explore it properly - California, I'm coming for you !

Oh and if you're looking for cute surfer guys, best smoothie bowls (at least that I've ever had) and that laid back - sweating my ass off - getting a nice tan - driving a scooter with a swimsuit on - dancing on the beach 'til my feet hurt - vacay mood? Go to Bali - trust me, you'll have a good time.

A movie or a book that inspired you?

The happiness project by Gretchen Rubin was a lovely read and I keep being inspired by articles I read from



  1. Aivan ihana tää uus postaussarja, just tällasia tykkään lukee! Muutenkin sun blogi on täynnä inspiraatiota. Pari päivää sit selaisin sun vanhoja syysasuja vuosia taaksepäin ja löysin vaikka kuinka monta ihanaa asua, jotka toimisi vielä tänäki päivänä. Iteki haen just tollasta ajattomuutta omalla tyylillä. Mua kiinnostais kuulla sun mietteitä kuluttamisesta ja esim. siitä miten paljon sulla on vuosien takasia aarteita sun vaatekaapissa vai onko ne vanhoissa postauksissa näkyvät vaatteet kestänyt sittenkään aikaa vai lähteneet jo kiertoon.

    1. Voi kiitos - ihana kuulla ! Tykkään itse myös lukea blogeista ja lehdistä vaatekaapilla juttuja, niin aattelin että tälläinen postaussarja olisi kiva lisä blogiin ! :)

      Koitan ottaa postausideat kirjoittamisen alle, oon vaan usein niin huono kirjoittamaan pidempiä postauksia - mutta yritetään. Hyvät aiheideat !!



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