just now1

1. A new addition to the long list of amazing Swedish clothing brands is ARKET. It wows us with minimalistic and simple aesthetics and at least I'm sold. Maybe I'll find my power suit from here? Eyeing currently on this one.

2. I'm so proud of my friend Hanna - her blog moved under Styleby and I couldn't be happier for her. Go check it out !

3. So inspired by Amanda Shadforths post from Maldives. Instant vacay vibes.

4. My visit to Finland meant overweight luggage on the way back. Slowly getting my bits and pieces from Finland to my home here in London. At the moment, I'm planning the living room decoration as I'll soon hopefully get some furniture too. 

5. Also, if you have access to Netflix - make sure to watch a documentary called The Minimalists. 

xoxo Maria

Pictures via Pinterest and Arket


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