Fall scent from Diptyque


Eau de Toilette Diptyque

The change from summer to autumn feels often more like a beginning of something new than January. Whether it means a new job, a first day at school or just a new addition to your wardrobe, there is something fresh and exciting about those crisp mornings that make you realize, that it's not summer anymore.

Due to a technical issue with my Flickr account and just that gut feeling that tells you it's time for something new, I decided to create a new layout for my blog. Like all new things, it feels scary, exciting and fresh at the same time. And will probably take a little while to find it's final form - as there are still a few visual things I want to be different and technical things I need to master. It's in these moments, when I wish I had studied how to create and code websites... But we'll get there.

Hopefully you like the new look and would love to hear some feedback from you guys.

Something else new? A new eau de toilette from Diptyque, which I purchased as a little souvenir from my holiday to Sardinia. I'll be posting a travel diary from there soon.

xoxo Maria


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