heavenly white chocolate-rhubarb cheesecake.


Unelmiesi kesäkakku on tässä.
Tein ihanan raparperijuustokakun kesän kunniaksi, vietettiin Tiiun ja Hannan kanssa ihana ilta höpötellen ja syöden hyvää ruokaa.

Tässä resepti, nauttikaa !

// A summer cake of your dreams? - Yes.
So here go, the recipe for the best cake I have ever made.


200 g digestive-cookies
80-100 g butter


400 g melted white chocolate
2,5 dl double cream
400 g cream cheese

Rhubarb compote:
5-6 dl rhubarb
0,5 dl water
1-2 tsp sugar/honey

1. Put parchment paper on a springform cake pan. Crush the cookies and mix them melted butter. 
Press it into the base of the cake tin. Cool down in the fridge or in the freezer while making the filling  and the compote.
2. Cut and peel (if needed) the rhubarb and put it in a kettle with the water and some sugar/honey. Let it boil until softened and smushy. Let the compote cool down for a little while and make the filling.
3. Melt the white chocolate. Beat the double cream and the cream cheese together with an electric mixer and add the melted chocolate while continuing to mix with an electric mixer. 
4. Pour about half of the filling into the tin, add the rhubarb compote and add the rest of the filling on top of the compote layer.
5. Let the cake cool down in a fridge (or a freezer) at least for 3-4hours or overnight.
6. Decorate for example with strawberries or flowers.


xoxo Maria


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