7 tips to overcome winter time tiredness


When you live in a nordic country and currently the sun sets around 3pm you need to learn a trick or two to overcome winter tiredness which is trying to sneak up on you. Lately I've been finding myself unenergetic and well, tired.

So here are 7 tips to boost up your energy and to make you feel fresh.

1. First and foremost - DRINK WATER. This is something I feel I have not been doing enough and definitely need to do better. 

2. Stop for a moment to enjoy that cup of coffee or to read a magazine without looking constantly at your phone or doing other things. A moment of taking it slow makes you less stressed and at least I always feel inspired afterwards. 

3. Eat your greens - and well just a lot of fresh things like a good salad, smoothies and fresh fruits. During the holiday season it's easy to fall into the trap of eating a lot of chocolate, cheese and other yummie things that aren't that good for you. But balance is key - so trying to go by the rule 80-20 on this. My favorite smoothie is simple and easy: 1 banana, coconut milk, raspberries and spinach.

4. Hydrating your skin. Wether it's eating a ripe avocado to get good oils or finding a perfect face cream to hydrate your skin, this is essential to get that glowing skin back. Right now I trust in my Mádara face oil and Byredo hand cream.

5. Work out. And I don't mean going crazy at the gym every day, but for example a 20 minute walk after work or a 15 minute stretching session. I tend to make too big goals and feeling overwhelmed in front of them. Like it's a 60minute powerwalk or nothing or going to the gym and not coming back before my muscles are all tired and I'm feeling super sweaty. To make myself realize that this is not the way to go, I've tried new things. I've played tennis with my friend, went on a fitness class I haven't been on before and tried that 20 minute walk after work. And yup, this works !

6. Make nice plans during the week, not only during the weekends. Last week I had a sleepover with my friend after work. We listened to good music, watched a Disney cartoon that reminded us from our childhood and had a nice workout the next morning before going to work. It's this kind of things that make you feel energized and happy. A few nice ideas to do: try a new sport, movie night with friends, trying a new dish, 

7. Clean home. In the winter time home gets a whole new meaning when snuggling into your bed becomes the best part of the day. But keepin' it simple is the key. White sheets, scented candles, opening the window every day to get a little bit of fresh air inside and keeping your things organized make the difference. My favorite scented candles are from Scandinavisk, P. F. Candle Company and Isle of Wolf.


xoxo Maria


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