Postcards from San Fransisco


Some days are more special than others. 
Those days usually show up unexpectedly. But even when it's something you've been waiting for for a long time, you usually realize how special the experience is when you're in that moment. I guess the magic is in the moments that go by - enjoy them.

For me, last Saturday was one of those days. It was a day when I took the train from San Jose to San Fransisco, and got to tick of a place from my bucket list that I have been dying to visit. 

San Fransisco, you were lovely. So lovely. 
I had to stop several times and remind myself to breathe in the ocean air, feel the sunshine on my skin  and look the view through my eyes, not only through my camera. 

xoxo Maria


  1. Voi tuli niin omat muistot vuosien takaa mieleen, kun itsekin otin junan San Joses San Fransiscoon! <3 Aivan mieletön kaupunki jonne on päästävä vielä uudestaankin :)

    1. Joo San Fransisco oli huikee ! Onneksi näillä näkymin uusintareissu töiden takia parin päivän päästä :)

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