Summer outfit from Sydney

Photo 16-01-2018, 21.08.31

Sunnies RayBan
T-shirt H&M
Skirt Banana Republic X Olivia Palermo
Bag Labour & Wait
Shoes H&M

Photo 16-01-2018, 21.08.44
Photo 16-01-2018, 21.07.33
Photo 16-01-2018, 21.06.29

Looking at the rainy weather outside my window makes me feel more and more excited about the fact that I just booked tickets to Australia.

Even though it was only a few weeks ago that I was there, it feels like it was ages ago. Happy to have a few weeks off soon, as like mentioned before, it's been pretty hectic around here. And reunion with my sister is definitely something to look forward to ! Can't wait.

This has been one of my favorite outfits lately. When the temperatures allow, I wear it like this - with sandals and bare legs, when it's colder I just add tights, ankle boots and a nice big coat to keep me warm. I guess a good garments work well in all seasons.

xoxo Maria



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