Notes for the New Year.

Photo 15-12-2017, 14.08.08

Sunnies RayBan
Jumpsuit Faithfull the Brand
Sandals ATP Atelier

Photo 15-12-2017, 14.07.03
Photo 15-12-2017, 14.08.01

Even though I've never been a massive fan of New Years Eve celebrations, there is magic in new beginnings. You get to reinvent yourself, make note of your habits and decide whether to get back to the forgotten favorites or create some new interests, hobbies, cravings or routines. 

The silence here has been due to a few reasons: lack of time, lack of inspiration and in all honesty, lack of resources to create the kind of content I'd be proud to share. I guess the little perfectionist in me - or not so little - just gets the best out of me every now and then. But one of my New Years resolutions, even though I don't really like calling it a resolution, is creating more content here and making it a bit more like a diary of some kind. Most of all keeping it a bit more real and relaxed. Basically sharing little snapshots of my crazy everyday life - whether it's a morning moment at home to cure the jetlag, style inspirations, current cravings for my home and wardrobe or interesting places that I get to see through my job. I've been quite particular about creating outfit posts as a big photoshoot-type-a-post but I'm ditching that too as mainly during my travels the team I have is my phone and either a selftimer or a mirror to help me take photos. 

And in addition to a more relaxed approach to photography, is writing. Which is something that I will try to add to my blog. I've never felt that writing comes to me very naturally, but I very much enjoy sharing some thoughts, excitement about a well spotted sales find or a new corner in London that you might want to visit too. Let's bring back the community to blogging, would love to hear from you too (if there is anyone left reading these after my months of very inactive posting rhythms...) !

And these unrelated photos are from a trip to Miami - gotta love the palm trees, beach walks and warm temperatures - but still finding it hard to fall in love with the city. I'm a West Coast girl after all. 

xoxo Maria


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