homenight survival kit


When the temperatures go minus, I turn to fluffy knits, lacy lingerie and my trusted aesop face cream.
As home nights might start to repeat themselves during the never ending winter months, I came up with a little list of nice things to do at home.

- make moodboards - whether you feel crafty and want to do them the old school way (meaning old magazines and lots of cutting and glueing) or on pinterest, moodboarding is such a nice thing to do. But rather than just randomly pinning pretty pictures on pinterest, make a goal for your moodboard. For example "my winter wardrobe", "my summer to do list", "things that I'm thankful for today" or whatever you come up with.. just have fun with it

- have a home spa moment - do a facial mask, with cucumber slices on the eyes and everything ! or watch an episode of your favorite series while soaking your feet in a home made foot bath. Or just get a shower and for once, moisturize your whole body with a good body lotion.

- dance it out - at first you feel stupid, then you feel awesome. Pick the best songs, the funniest songs or the most nostalgic songs and just dance it out. Whether you're in your kitchen or jumping around you bedroom, dancing it out makes you happy and energized. The crazier - the better. At least you'll end up laughing and that's almost a workout for your abs... right?!

- strecth/do some yoga - and I don't mean a crazy sweaty workout session, more like a nice mindful moment just for yoursel. Light up some candles, put some nice music in the background and just have a moment to dwell in.

- podcasts !! - such an awesome thing to listen to when you're doing the dishes, when you're cooking, when you're organizing your closet or doing the laundry.. or when you're on a walk outside ! Lately I've been listening to the Pardon my french -podcast by Garance Doré.

Have a lovely night(s) at home !!

xoxo Maria


  1. Replies
    1. niin on !! tosin oon usein tosi huono ryhtymään siihen, mutta joka kerta kun ryhdyn se on ihanaa ! <3

  2. Ihania vinkkejä! Podcastien kuuntelu on mullistanut myös mun kotitöiden tekemisen, niin hyvä tapa multitaskata. Mistä kuuntelet Pardon My Frenchia? Spotifysta kun sitä ei löydy :/

    1. jee, ihanaa kun tykkäsit !!

      Kuuntelen sitä iphonen podcastit sovelluksesta tai suoraan Garance Dorén nettisivuilta :)


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