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Right now inspiration seems to have left me as I've been home fighting the flu. But instead of moping around, I decided to try and wake up the inspiration and I think I might have succeeded.

And as listing always helps (yes I'm exactly that person who loves to do -lists, shopping lists and writing down my thoughts and dreams) I decided to do my friday five post instead of skipping it. Here we go.

1. I'm intrigued by simple things lately. Whether it's an all black swimsuit, white sheets in my bed or having a movie night with your friends instead of trying to come up always with new and exciting things. Simple things just have a tendency to work.

2. Definite sign of spring - I'm dreaming about long walks in the forest, flower arrangements and dinner parties in the garden. There's always a point during the winter season when you realize that you're done with moody winter nights spent under your favorite blanket. And suddenly you're ready for spring, light and fresh air. 
No wonder spring is my favorite season.

3. White seems relevant again, especially after reading this. Crispy white shirts and even waiting to wear my white wide legged jeans soon. Maybe when sandal weather finally arrives. 
Pro tip - the best oversized shirts are found from the mens section, trust me.

4. &Other Stories finally opened a store here in Finland. More than excited, as it is one of my favorite stores and definitely my go to place when in need for new shoes. You can find it in Galleria Esplanad, in Helsinki.

5. A little over three weeks to go until my Bali vacation. So getting a head start to summer, which somehow feels really, really great. I think sunshine is what I currently need more than anything. But I'm challenging myself to read a little more during my vacay and as I'm not taking my computer with me, I'll have a little detox on internet too. Can't wait.

xoxo Maria

Pictures via Pinterest, H&M and Byredo


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