1. How would you define your style?
I'm definitely the casual type of a girl. I'd rather hang out in jeans, flats and messy hair, than high heels and a skirt. I tend to wear more masculine, oversized items and my color palette is quite simple.

I think a great style comes from being comfortable in what you wear (maybe that's why I always wear knits...?).

And I think for me and in my style, good quality materials are really important. You can see good quality and feel it. So rather wait and spend your money on the real thing than buy many cheap crappy ones, just to have more.


2. What are your beauty routines?

I tend to change my beauty routines according to my level of laziness... But lately I've been actually taking a better care of my skin and hair.
In the morning I wash my face with a light face wash, right now I'm using an Avéne product. If I feel like cleaning my face extra well, I use the Madara micellar water. And I moisturize my skin with face cream from Lumene.

I don't use a lot of make up, just a bit of Nivea BB-cream, Lancôme mineral powder, Clinique bronzer and L'oreal mascara.
Keeping it light and natural.

Hair... definitely my problem area.
As my hair is naturally quite thin and flat, I try to get some volume into it. I usually blow dry it after taking a shower, though trying to avoid that always when having a day off.
The Balmain salt-spray has been my savior and I also love my Swartzkopf got2be hair spray.

In the evening I wash my make up off and put some face cream again before heading to bed. When my skin feels extra dry, especially during the winter months, I use Madara serum for hydration.

That's it, nothing special really.


3. Tell about your key items.

Definitely black slim jeans or black trousers with a straight fit.
In the winter I'm always wearing knits, that's really my thing. And the bigger, chunkier and more cozy, the better. It gets kind of tricky in the summertime as knits are too hot... But luckily summer equals crochet tops and boho dresses, so I survive.
Oh and about footwear, I love my pointy ankle boots from &Other stories and my new gucci loafers. And when it's hot, I live in my Birkenstocks.

When it comes to accessories, I always wear my dainty golden rings and tiny earrings. And last autumn I finally found the perfect pair of sunglasses from Céline, so I'm wearing those every chance I get. And you've probably noticed, that my trio-bag is almost always with me.

All in all, black leather accessories, knits and black pants are my go to -items. And then I spice it up with my favorite jewellery. simple, simple.

4. What is the best purchase you've made this year?

Can I say more than one?

Best purchases... hmm. Well my Céline trio bag, of course. Then I've basically lived most of the winter months in my H&M black mohair knit, which I found from the sales.
And my suede ankle boots from &Other stories have been great ! They went straight to my key items list as they look great and feel great. And I love love love my Gucci loafers.

These, at least. I've actually been really happy with the things I've purchased. Getting real good at this shopping only favorites thing, I'm trying to keep up.


5. What is on your wishlist?

I have a few things on my wishlist for summer: ATP Atelier sandals, black slip on shoes from &Other stories, a golden "penny"-necklace and a white dress from Lindex. And I've been basically drawling over so many items from Faithfull the Brand.. ah.

Long term wishlist looks like this: Chloé Faye-bag, Larsson & Jennings watch with a leather strap and APC bag.. ah.

just now1-023

6. What are your favorite style-blogs?

My three all time favorites are Mija, Fashion Me Now and Lainahöyhenissä. And be sure to check their instagram-accounts also !

I also love style spying on Pernille Teisbaek, Darja Barannik, Johanna Piispa, Hanna Stefansson and my friend Hanna Kovanen.

7. Has living in Paris changed your style?

I think I've soaked in a little bit of the parisian attitude about style. I love how they are so low key, yet super stylish - and they embrace the messy hair. Perfect for me and my lazy hair routines !

But I don't feel that it has changed my style, it has maybe made me a little more comfortable and brave to wear whatever I like.


8. Where do you shop and what are your favorite stores/brands?

I mostly shop in actual stores/boutiques, even though during the last year or two I've been online shopping more than I used to.
But I love getting customer service from an actual person, visiting an actual store and trying on the clothes, feeling the materials etc.

My favorite stores are definitely &Other stories, COS and Filippa K. The swedish people know how to do it. In my dream world I would shop at Céline, Chloé, Stella McCartney and Club Monaco.. But now I try to find more student friendly shopping places..

Oh boy, there are so many nice brands. In addition to the ones I already mentioned there are many more I love. ATP Atelier, Acne Studios, Tiger of Sweden, Victoria Beckham, Loewe, Toteme... the list goes on.


9. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I'm a big fan of instagram, pinterest and blogs. But I think style spying on the streets and reading a good magazine is still the best way to be inspired. Mainly because all the social media sources are limited only to the people you follow, so they are always quite similar and close to your existing taste and style.
So when you're reading a good magazine or seeing people on the streets, you see new styles, different tastes and you're able to get new ideas and more inspiration !

10. Three tips for styling up for summer 2016?

Definitely loafers/slip ons, especially moroccan babouche-slippers.
There are nice ones from Gucci, Acne Studios, Marimekko, &Other stories and Zara.

Oh and if you're like me and missing the perfect straight or flare kick fit jeans, find one. At least I need a pair, but jeans are tough to find... Search continues.

Light blue shirt/dress/top. It's all about the blues this summer.
And well, get that messy beach hair and a tan by actually enjoying your summer on the beach with lots of strawberries and ice cream.


xoxo Maria


  1. Hei onpa kiinnostavat kysymykset & ihana lukea sun vastauksia! <3

    1. Kiitos ! <3 Vähän erilaista kuin normaalisti, kiva kuulla että tykkäät ! xx

  2. Ah, ihana ja inspiroiva juttu Maria! Editin toimituksen kesän wishlist näyttää muuten erittäin samankaltaiselta :) x Lily Edit

  3. Ah, ihana ja inspiroiva juttu Maria! Editin toimituksen kesän wishlist näyttää muuten erittäin samankaltaiselta :) x Lily Edit

    1. Kiitos ihana !! :) nyt kun vielä wishlist toteutuisi... xx

  4. Hei tosi kivat kysymykset ja vastaukset! :) haittaako jos teen tän myös mun omaan blogiin?

    1. Kiitos Lalla ! :)
      Toki voit tehdä, olisi kiva jos kuitenkin jaksaisit laittaa maininnan blogistani kysymysten kanssa :)

    2. Totta kai laitan! :) kiitos!

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