midseasonal attire

Photo 23.9.2017 13.41.08

Sunnies Céline
Knit H&M
Bag APC Paris
Dress H&M
Shoes Adidas

Photo 23.9.2017 13.44.26
Photo 23.9.2017 13.40.35
Photo 23.9.2017 13.38.32
Photo 23.9.2017 13.41.04
Photo 23.9.2017 13.40.19
Photo 23.9.2017 13.41.02

I'm personally enjoying the ongoing weather conditions because the dressing up opportunities are endless. As you're in between two seasons you can kind of mix up pieces from both and play around a bit more.

My version of this midseasonal mixing of clothing is combining my favorite oversized knit with a slip on dress with lace details. And if you're like me and you run out of outfit ideas every now and then, you can transform this outfit to a more winter appropriate version by adding tights and swapping the sneakers to your favorite pair of ankle boots.

xoxo Maria


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