Suit up.

Photo 15.10.2017 16.58.17

Sunnies RayBan
Blazer Zara
Trousers Zara
T-shirt H&M
Bag Céline
Shoes ATP Atelier

Photo 15.10.2017 17.04.38
Photo 15.10.2017 16.58.00
Photo 15.10.2017 17.04.25
Photo 15.10.2017 16.58.13
Photo 15.10.2017 17.04.08
Photo 15.10.2017 16.58.15
Photo 15.10.2017 17.01.01
Photo 15.10.2017 16.59.21
Photo 15.10.2017 17.04.09
Photo 15.10.2017 16.59.12
Photo 15.10.2017 17.01.13
Photo 15.10.2017 17.04.20
Photo 15.10.2017 16.59.41
Photo 15.10.2017 17.04.49

I always love that feeling, when you've waited for something good. When you've said 'no' so many times to all the bad ones you've come across. And then you finally find it. 

For me it's this suit, my new autumn/winter uniform I think I'll be wearing way too many times. I've waited and waited, tried on some and seen nice ones - but there was always something missing. 

Luckily, whether it's your wardrobe, home interior or love life, there is no rush. 
The good ones are always worth the wait. 

xoxo Maria


  1. Oh, what a nice suit! I think I might have a look in Zara soon. love, Hannah

    1. Thank you Hannah ! It's been such a good purchase, definitely recommend it ! xx

  2. Such an awesome look! I have probably the same story with my checked blazer - but finally it was worth waiting!
    x Mirjam |

    1. Thank you !! :) The wait makes them also a tiny bit more special, don't you think?

      xx Maria


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