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Friday ! And a really good one. 

Had a good time at work today, even though I had to wake up at 4am. Then had a lovely evening at home. You know the kind of an evening, when you're not really doing anything special but you just get to relax and do your own thing with no rush.

1. A vacation in Italy is on my mind. Currently planning to go there in September for a long weekend. And oh boy - I'm so excited. That's what I love about vacations, the time before the actual trip. You get to be excited, inspired and all the fun is still ahead of you. So sunny days and vacay mood. I'm coming for you.

2. Currently coveting over these kitten heels from Ganni. Might have ordered them for a birthday gift from me to me. Let's hope they fit !

3. The first time in a while that I have been excited about autumn wear. But this post by Amanda Shadforth and the coat - too good.

4. Lately I've had to remind myself about how important those slow morning are. Whether I'm having a day off or a busy work day, it just sets the tone for the day. So as a selfreminder - take time to sit down, whether it's for your breakfast, a cup of coffee or a quick flickthrough of your favorite magazine. 

5. One to follow on instagram, @nycbambi - so inspiring !

xoxo Maria

Pictures via Pinterest and Ganni


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