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1. Currently coveting the nano half moon box. There is just something I really love about the simple designs Victoria Beckham creates. And I definitely admit to being a fangirl to the whole Beckham family.

2. Whenever I happen to stumble across a new brand I like, I can't keep quiet and I have to share it. My latest find is this Asceno, a London based brand which concentrates on creating amazing silk pyjamas and swimwear. In my opinion, they've created just that perfect balance between effortless and cool. And to keep this short and sweet - I'm in love. 

3. I always like clothing that can be worn during different seasons. Lately I've found flared white jeans to work really well on those more chilly summer days and I can't wait to wear them with my favorite knitwear when the temperatures drop.

4. As I'm always in search for the perfect beauty products, it's amazing to have sources of inspiration who are like minded when it comes to skincare and hair products. Loved this post by Lucy Williams and got a few new additions to my shopping list.

5. I linked this post from Musla already on the dejiss facebook page, but loved the photographs so much and thought it deserved to be a part of this weeks friday five. Just love the vacation vibe captured in these. 

xoxo Maria 

Pictures from Pinterest, Asceno and Victoria Beckham


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