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An ode to ordinary things.

When you have to stress about finding a place to live in, storing your luggage for an unknown amount of time, finding people to call your own from the never ending group of strangers and adjusting to new routines and new surroundings you appreciate the ordinary things. The things you don't even notice when you have them, because you are so used to them. 

Currently I'm thankful for my favorite coffee cups and for my roommate who shares my passion for breakfast and understands the importance of things like good toilet paper or a proper dish brush. I'm thankful for my friends who send me long voice messages and talk with me on the phone even though I'm a few time zones and many many kilometers away. I'm thankful for my new comfy blanket, which was on sale exactly when I needed to buy one. 

And so many other things, I guess one just has to focus on the good. 

xoxo Maria


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