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1. Lately I've been trying to take time to be offline, to actually concentrate when having a conversation, to listen and feel. To really taste the food I eat. I've been inspired about things that aren't necessarily things you can purchase. I've been inspired about people, about spaces and strangers who you run into on a daily basis. Feels good.

2. Spring is my favorite season. There is something spring that boosts my spirits up and gets me all excited about little things. And style wise I couldn't be happier about the fact that soon it's spring shoe weather and time to wear lighter layers of clothing. Currently inspired about wearing my trusted Gucci loafers and for some reason I'm eyeing on all these weird granny shoes with fur and fluffiness...

3. Accidentally found the perfect summer dress I've been trying to find for a little while already. It's from the H&M Studio collection S/S 2017 and it's perfect ! 

4. It has taken me a long time to fall in love with beige, but oh how I like it now and wrapping myself into my beige furry coat has never felt better. And I just recently purchased a new bag to freshen my whole spring/summer wardrobe. I'll show it soon here on the blog, stay tuned.

5. This past year has been a patience lesson for me. I'm still waiting for a few things to be sorted out before I know the next steps I'll be taking. But it has taught me to focus on the now. To hug a little tighter, to dance like no one is watching and to laugh a little too loud with my favorite people. I guess that's a good lesson to learn.

xoxo Maria

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