You know those mornings when you find the things you want, you're favorite shirt is clean and dressing up is easy? What if every morning was like that?

So here you go: 5 tips for achieving a better, cleaner and more organized closet and how to maintain it.


1. Maintenance
The key to an organized is maintenance. Folding your clothes everytime you put them into your closet and making a little extra effort when pulling that sweater from the back of your closet.

2. Clean up
A total clean up monthly or weekly. Meaning washing, ironing and folding your clothes and recreating that organized closet again, because lets be honest, it doesn't stay perfect for that long.

Take time for your clean up, because the better you do it, the bigger effort you will give maintaining the work you've put into organizing your closet.

First take everything out. Yes, everything.
Clean the shelves out of dust and then start folding back your clothes one by one.
If you notice dirty clothes, wrinkly clothes or clothes that need repairing or fresh air, put them in a separate pile so that you'll remember to deal with them later.
I tend to organize my clothes so that trousers are in one pile, tops in one pile etc. But this is definitely up to your own taste and depends of what kind of a closet you have, I just find this the easiest for me.

When you're done with folding the clothes and you've put back the clothes that are on a hanger, get back to the pile that needs your attention. Take your knits outside, put the dirty clothes in a wash and do your ironing - clothes and accessories tend to look way better when you take good care of them. Oh and also take care of that button that needs to be sown back.

Don't forget your accessories. Go trough your jewelry box, clean up your shoes and make sure your bags are in order and not full of old receipts or other trash.

And voilà ! Your closet clean up is done.


3. Go trough
Go trough the garments you own. Whether you do it during your weekly/monthly clean up or more rarely, for example in the start of each season or a few times a year, make sure to do it.
When I go trough my things I usually take everything out and try most of the stuff on and I have four piles to put the clothes in: recycle, sell, keep, fix.

The four piles help me go trough my closet, but don't be fooled by the whole idea of going trough your closet. The goal is to have a minimal closet, without having to toss tons of clothes to recycling or a flea market every once in a while. Buy clothes you will want to wear even after a few years.

4. Lists
One thing that I love is lists.
I find them very handy, whether it is a to do -list, shopping list or a list of things I like.
Lists are very helpful when organizing your closet. Whether you make a pinterest-board or write a list on a paper, do it. It makes you realize what you need, don't need and what kind of a closet you want to have.

List examples:
what are your favorite clothes
what kind of events do you need clothes for
what kind of garments is your closet missing
what kind of style or whose style do you identify with

The importance when doing these lists, is to answer truthfully. If you don't go to parties often, you don't need a lot of party clothes. If you don't do a lot of sports at the gym, you don't need a lot of gym clothes. If you don't feel comfortable in high heels, don't think you will need 10 pairs.. and so on.

When you are done with your lists, I guarantee you will have a more clear vision of your style and your shopping list.


5. Stay minimal
The most important tip. Definitely.
When you own less and have a minimal closet, it's way easier to dress up and to maintain an organized closet. The thing is to own only favorites and good quality products - though easier said than done.
When you walk into a store you often feel that "oh I need this" and "oh I need that too", but really we need quite a small amount of clothes - and we usually use only a small amount of clothes even if we own a lot. So keep it minimal and be picky, in the world we live we have a lot to choose from. Choose good quality products that you find perfect and look good for many years. Don't settle for okay or sort of nice.

xoxo Maria


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