skincare heroes


Lately my skin has been a little bit unhappy. I feel like that's when I find my real skincare heroes, the ones that get me through the tough times. 

When it comes to cleansing my face the Kiehl's ultra facial cleanser has become my trusted daily companion. But when I need a little extra boost to my gentle everyday routines, I trust this natural sponge I recently bought from the skincare section at Whole Foods. It gives a nice little scrub, without being too rough. I usually use it to take of my face masks or to remove my facial cleanser.

When traveling a face mist is must and I love this one from Aesop. The product itself is great, the spraying mechanism could be a bit better, you need to hold your hand quite far for the spray to be nice and "soft".

xoxo Maria


  1. Just mietin tänää ruiskutellessa samaa ton Arsopin suihkeen kanssa!

    1. Joo todella ärsyttävä kun ei käsi meinaa riittää tarpeeks pitkälle mutta iho tykkää tuotteesta :D


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