TWO X SWIMWEAR + five tips on how to style your beach outfit


This year has been a great swimwear year for me. I have found perfect highwasted bottoms, a swimsuit and after many months of hunting - the perfect summer hat. 

Swimsuit/H&M, Sunnies/Céline, Hat/H&M, Bikini top/Victorias Secret, Scarf/Zara, Bikini bottom/H&M



Let's face it: whatever your body type may be, finding good and flattering swimwear is hard. Especially in those sweaty, cramped and horribly lit fitting rooms. Solution ? Mailorder.

I usually buy my swimwear from affordable chain stores, because I don't want to worry about going to the sauna or playing beach volley with my 200€ swimwear. As trying out swimwear is terrible in those terrible fitting rooms I mentioned, I tend to order swimwear online and try them on at home. 

Try different styles, even the ones you might not like on the model. Your body, boobs and measures will probably differ a lot and different styles might fit you better than you thought.

Key questions to consider when shopping for a swimsuit: what kind of beach activities do you do in your swimwear, how much do you feel comfortable baring, how much are you willing to invest in a piece of clothing that is usually not very longlasting and well, what kind of tanlines can you live with?


Be sun smart. It's never stylish or classy to be all red and sunburnt on the beach of pool. A hat or a scarf is a great accessory but it also does a great job protecting you from too much sun.

Weather you love a big sun hat or a smaller straw cap, find one that you feel comfortable using and that goes with your swimwear. I tend to love earthy tones and materials: straw hats and simple scarves.


Sunglasses. If you're like me and you want to invest in a pair of sunglasses, be patient. Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses might take time, but it's worth it. 

For me, one good pair is enough as I make it my signature-look. And when the sunglasses fit really well, you want to wear the sunnies all the time - good for your eyes and good for style stalking on the streets.


Accessorize your beach outfit with jewelry that doesn't slow you down from beach activities. Or get damaged when in touch with water.
For me this is dainty earrings, maybe a small necklace and good bag, usually a canvas bag or a basket bag, for my towel, books, magazines, sun lotion and other things I need to carry.

And as I am headed to the beach, sandals are a must. Go for the ones that are easy to put on and easy to take off.


Beauty products are essential, and nope, I'm not talking about heavy layers of make up.
First and foremost is sunlotion. Then a good lipbalm and maybe some saltspray, to fake that perfect beach hair.

If you don't feel like going makeupfree, go for a light BB-cream and some waterproof mascara. Everything else will just get messy and sweaty and yeah, you don't want that.

Oh and take care of your nailpolish. I think especially summer feet look way better with some polish on.


xoxo Maria


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