Wednesday, October 15, 2014

after vacay thoughts.


always when traveling my thoughts run wild. from the moment of taking off you start searching trough the secret places of your soul, because being surrounded by strangers in the middle of the sky makes you stop. stop and think.
I realized that I'm drifting away of the person I am. Or at least who I want to be and who I feel good being. All the changes in my life, being busy with school and my job and stressing about all of the new things in my life have distracted me too much. so there hasn't been time for things I need to do to feel like me. So now I'm putting a stop to it and the first step is announcing a pause. I'm taking a break from blogging at least for November. I want to concentrate on doing things, being in the moment and just enjoying things because they are enjoyable.
Before that I want to share the pictures from my trip, but I'll do that when I feel it's the right time.
I hope you understand, because I will be back. But I want to steal November all for me.

Picture from a week ago, a beautiful sunset in Montauk.

xoxo Maria

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