Saturday, December 28, 2013

the list.

IMG_1346 (kopio)

Things that make me feel like myself and I enjoy (in random order):
- delicious, healthy and beautifully presented food. and well, eating it.
- being active; doing sports, meeting friends, doing home chores etc.
- photography. there is so much joy after taking a good shot !
- flowers. they really make me happy. and I like being happy. conclusion, buy or pick flowers more often.
- taking care of myself and making the effort to look pretty, meaning not spending everyday in home-clothes or pyjamas.. And if doing that, choosing  nice pyjamas.
- making time for my own little projects. the projects include everything from photoshoot sessions to morning dances in the kitchen or room "makeovers"

As I often forget many of these things and I'm pretty sure my list is missing many things that should be there, I'm making now a promise to myself (not a new year's resolution, cause they always fail) to try to be a better version of myself. As this fall/winter has been full of ups and downs, I feel that I really need to reinvent myself again, to actually feel that I'm me again. So from this day forward, I'll try to do those things more that I listed and also things outside from my list (either new things or things that I forgot to mention). Wish me luck.
And if some of you feels something similar, feel free to join me. Not by doing things on my list, but making your own list and doing things YOU enjoy.

xoxo Maria


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