Wednesday, January 16, 2013

12. outfit

Knit DIY
Jeans Dr.Denim
Boots Vagabond


Sorry about the bad outfit photos, but it's snowing outside and freezing cold so I try to avoid being there... Waiting for summer so much and experiencing a massive wanderlust.. ! Inspiration post coming soon :) But anyways, hope you have had a wonderful start of this week.. I've been mostly tired.. :P

Sori huonoista asukuvista, mutta viimeaikoina on satanu lunta ja ollu hyytävän kylmää ulkona joten yritän välttää ulkona olemista.. Odotan kesää jo niin paljon ja kunnon matkakuume menossa.. ! Inspiraatiopostaus tulossa pian :) Mutta kuitenkin, toivottavasti teillä on ollu kiva alkuviikko.. Oon ollu ite lähinnä väsyny.. :P

xoxo Maria


  1. I cannoooot believe you made this knit yourself!! It's amazing. Ive successfully completed my hat btw :)

    1. I cannot believe it either ! :D I still have to finish my scarf.. And I love your hat, it's so nice<3 You can knit me one too ;)


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