Monday, February 20, 2012


The first thing is the smell. Spring smells like flowers, love, new beginnings, grass, light and freedom. Or maybe it's a feeling. It's not a specific day or a certain amount of lightness. 
It's just the moment you look outside and realize that the first step towards spring has begun.
Oh and I know, it's snowing outside......

Today I felt it, smelled it and captured it to these pictures, full of light. 
Pink and white tulips are my favorite. We got these for a gift. Now they are on the window. Being as pretty as they should be, reminding me that under the snow, there is life. 

That's all what I wanted to say. That's the amount that flowers inspire me. Now I'm done. 
Oh, and I almost forgot to say: Welcome spring! :) 

<3 M

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