Thursday, February 23, 2012


H&M:n yhteistyömallistosta on taas hypetetty hetken aikaa... En ite kauheesti oo lämmenny kyseiselle mallistolle... Ainoona noi yhdet kengät miellytti mun silmää! Ois kesäks aika jees, mutta taitaapi mennä heti loppuunmyydyiks ennen ku itse ehdin kotiuttamaan ne... mutta muuten oisin jo valmis ihan uudenlaisiin mallistoihin! :p mitäs te tykkäätte?

H&M has again a cooperative collection which has been hyped for already a while.. I myself didn't like the collection that much.. These shoes were the only thing that caught my eye! They would be real nice shoes for summer, but oh well, I think they will be long gone before I would get them in my shopping bag... but yeah, except for that I would be ready to new collections already! :p but what about you, what do you think?


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