Tuesday, February 14, 2012


During the time I have been having a blog, there have been many outfits. These are my favorite ones :) 
Which one is your favourite? 

 Today I was in Turku with my friend :) I found this nice and warm scarf on sale! I'll show it later :) And also I was really surprised that I didn't feel like shopping at all.. well I found this nice orange tunique/dress from H&M, but I decided to still wait.. weird me not wanting to buy a lot of stuff :D

Spring has also finally arrived to stores :) The things that even caught my eye were all springcolors and mainly orange :) Maybe that's gonna be my next fav color  ;)
And there is a reason why I'm waiting for spring so much!!! NEW YORK I'M COMING :D 
my trip to there is in may :) :) :) ! can't wait !

xoxo Maria

ps. comment and like-button people! <3 :) 


  1. 2,9,10,13,14,22.
    Musta mekko paas listalle, kun sen selka on vaan niiiin kiva! Parempi kuva ois saanu viel paremmat pisteet :D
    Ja myos toi vasemman alakulman rento fiilis on kiva :)

    New York's waiting for you!!
    ja p.s. Roergi would approve of the new favorite color :D

  2. Tanja: haha todellakin roergi hyväksyy oranssin :D hih ja tietty tykkäät avonaisuusselkäkuvista :D haha!

    Ani: KIITOS KIITOS :D :) !


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