Monday, January 16, 2012

sequined dress.

This weekend was about enjoying sports. We played volleyball and had teams competing from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The girls team from our school won!! :) Yayy!
Had a great time, even tough I had the flu and played maybe more tired... But oh well, what wouldn't I do for our team :D

And finally I had also the chance to wear this lovely dress I found from the sales! I really wanted to buy it when it was original price... but I decided to save some money and then I found this from the sales for only 15€ !! And it was the last piece. I couldn't be happier :) LOVE IT.
Hope you are all doing well! I'm at least getting a little bit better.... damn flu.. !
Have a nice week everybody !

<3 M

Dress H&M (new!)
Shoes H&M
Silver earrings christmas gift


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