Wednesday, January 4, 2012

looking back.

When I started to look back to this year, I only though that finally this crappy year is over. 
But when I started to look trough all of my pictures which are in a folder "2011" all lovely memories filled up my mind. And I realized, it wasn't crappy at all.

That's one big thing I love about pictures. Even though you might not always remember little happy moments or things in your life, when you take a photo of them you have a reminder of the moments.

this picture can describe a whole
season: Summer!

A breathtaking morning this fall.

This year has brought many new things into my life. 
Such as blogging. In February 2011 I started my blog.


Also I have had the possibility to do many things I love.
One of these is traveling! 
Enjoyed my trip to Bulgaria and Turkey! And it was lovely to travel with my mom and best friend! Enjoy the sun and new places!

Beautiful Topkapi.
One of my favorite photoshoots ever! Spring flowers and my maxi dress in the wind were captured by my lovely friend Sivi.
There is something I really love about this picture. That is what summer days look like: relaxed, happy and pretty.

Year 2011 even made my dream about visiting Paris come true. My content smile tells it all. 

Rita with me in Paris.

Christmas time at home. In December 2011 I became an aunt :)

From this point it is good to move on to the New Year and see what great memories it brings along.


  1. Oih kiitos! :) kiva saada kanssa kommenttia !

  2. Mukavat sivut; hyviä kuvia ja helppo lukea.
    Eikä yhtään tyrkyn tuntuinen, siitä isot plussat ;)
    Välillä kun latasi lisää sivuja/kuvia, heitteli kuvia kuinka sattuu eikä pysähtynyt mihinkään, mutta se johtuu tod.näk. mun koneen "ominaisuuksista".
    Jatka ihmeessä tämän päivittelyä.
    Ja silloin tällöin kannattaa muistuttaa lukijoita laittamalla linkki Facebookiin.

  3. Voi kiitos! :) Ja toivottavasti ei tosiaan jatkossa heittele kuvia miten sattuu :P Mut joo, koitetaan jatkaa ja linkkailla! Kiitos kommentista =) =)


thanks for your comment ! kiitos kommentistasi ! :)