Monday, December 26, 2011

Diamonds are dead.

As soon as I had spend christmas eve I suddenly moved on from my "wintermood"
I have made already spring inspired posts for you.. but well, I though they would be too early still.

Even tough I would be ready to move on to spring... well let's still stay in this season.
Winter and christmas season.

The things I most love about winter is darkness.
The feeling in it. It makes you feel safe and somehow calm maybe. I don't know. It is just perfection. And the fact that you can lighten it up with candles, shiny jewelry, luxurious clothes and christmas lights.

I think the thing is in the word luxurious. Once a year we are kind of allowed to enjoy something extra. And I just really like it.

Though today I got a little too much of darkness... our electricity was off for about 12hours...
Oh well... now it's finally back!

<3 Maria

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