Thursday, December 1, 2011

December outfit number 1.

Päivän rentoiluasu: kaikki paitsi GT:n huivi H&M.
Today's relaxing outfit: everything else from H&M except scarf from GT. 
Ear cuff from sweden :)
Ear cuff ruotsista :)

Here some pictures from my room, my lovely friend Rita and todays comfy outfit :)
It's starting to be very chilly outside.. well it is December after all... tough there is no snow.. and I wish for snow sooo badly.
I was so happy cause I got to borrow my friends camera! You can see the better quality in these pictures!! And tomorrow is friday, which means WEEKEND. a longer one this time. 

More writing during the weekend! 
Good night!

<3 Maria


  1. Tykkailen tasta asusta!
    The orange nailpolish: Perfection. <3

  2. Tänkjuu!! Se on jo melkeen kulunu kyllä pois :( :P haha.


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