Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just saying....

I think saying "I love you" is brave. I mean, really brave. 

I mean, there is always the possibility that the person you are saying it to, won't say it back.

I love my friends you know. I really love them. 

I love. I do. It's scary.

What if the people I love turn out to be all the things you thought they would not be? 

What If they let you down?

Stay positive.

Don't panic.

Love. Unconditionally.

But what if they don't love me. What happens when I get hurt? Again...    
... and again


Problem number 1.
How to maintain brave, self confident, loving and happy when you do get hurt.

Problem numer 2. 
How to still stand up and continue?

Problem number 3.

Solution number 1.

Sleep on it.
Put on your favourite clothes.
Hug someone and smile.

Solution number 2.

Go out.
Enjoy little things. Life still IS beautiful.
Do things YOU enjoy.
Be with people who make you happy.

Solution number 3. 

Talk or cry. Laugh or be mad.
Listen to some music.
Be with your friends.
Love until it hurts too much.
and don't forget to smile.

"When you're sitting on the side of the road crying over what feels like the end of the best god damn thing you ever had - wellm at least you had it. "

Today feels like this. 
Tommor is different. 


<3 M


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