Sunday, October 30, 2011


Vasemmalta: Ylärivi: GT, GT, H&M, Lindex. Keskirivi: GT, GT. Alarivi: Lindex, H&M, GT, Lindex.

From the left: Up: GT, GT, H&M, Lindex. Middle: GT, GT. Down: Lindex, H&M, GT, Lindex.

Yeah just wanted to share some clothes that I have been looking from the internet :) Gotta go try them on in the shop ! I think they are lovely!

Just spent my weekend in Helsinki. LOVE THE CITY. just the feeling walking the city streets and having life around me just made me feel ME. that's where I belong, or at least I feel like that.
I had a smile all over my face when I walked those streets. I saw a couple kissing in the tram, it looked really romantic. Sat in the Esplanad park and ate a croissant. Looked at these lovely buildings with beautiful windows and structures. In the evening the town lights, beautiful cafes and people walking in their best clothes. I just felt like I'm at home. 

Sadly I took only ONE photo during my weekend. sorry :(

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

love, Maria


  1. Vasen lottorivi voittaa, ja kultapaita keskelta mukava lisa! :)

  2. hahah :) tykkään joo kans! tuet tuet tulkaa jo ;D hahhhah.


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